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The Best Song Ever

Posted on 2013.07.18 at 12:17


Beverly Greenia
Beverly Greenia at 2013-07-18 20:27 (UTC) (Link)
I remember this incident all too well. We were sitting on the front porch, gathered around the transistor radio. We had been carefully writing down every song that was played. Feelings of anticipation turned to feelings of regret at the hours of wasted time and battery power. The list was quickly converted to confetti.

BTW, the Internet, repository of everything pop culture, has no record of CKLW's Top 300 for 1974. CKLW published their lists in flyers (I don't remember which store we got them from: Merit Books, perhaps?) Unsurprisingly, no one seems to have kept the list from 1974.

For further nostalgic reading, I suggest a visit to the Classic CKLW page at http://www.thebig8.net/
One of the links on the page is from St. Ignatius' Mark Pattison, whose sister saved many of the other CKLW top song lists.
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