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Work is Play and Play is Work

Posted on 2015.02.25 at 20:13


(Anonymous) at 2015-03-17 23:56 (UTC) (Link)

A Play With No Name

An artist can either follow their muse or... not. A more interesting question is: can you actually teach creativity? A couple of decades ago, I thought the idea of classes in creative writing was absurd; either you were creative or you were not. Then I found that there were certain tools that could be applied that could mimic or inspire the creative process. With me, it's about songwriting. With actors, it's typically called "Method Acting". I've also heard it said that everyone has a method; some are more obvious than others.
As for playwriting, the past ten (9 1/2?) years of this blog have yielded many good stories; however, I think that would result in a work closer to Neil Simon than science fiction.

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