Chuck (charlesofcamden) wrote,

Puzzle Time!

Hello and welcome to Chuck Greenia’s Special Crossword Puzzle for Shut-Ins, 2020 Edition!

NOTE: You can print this out from here if you want, but if you’d like me to email you a version in Microsoft Word that you can either print or fill in on your computer screen, let me know your email address and I’ll be happy to send it to you.

I suspect that this one will be a tad harder to solve than most of the puzzles I’ve sent out in recent years — but then again, many of us have a little more free time these days, so I hope you’ll give it a fair shot. The solution will be posted in this journal on June 1st. If you simply must have it before then, let me know and I can send it to you. I hope you’re all doing well and that solving this puzzle is the most pressing issue on your plate at the moment. But even if there are more serious matters demanding your attention these days, I hope this puzzle will represent a welcome diversion!

1. Greek restaurant cry
4. Actor George
9. Spanish motorcycle co.
13. Pale
14. Bring out
15. Phaser setting
16. Sole
17. Isolation
19. Animation unit
20. French sweet
21. Brain test (abbr.)
22. Three (pref.)
23. Starring role
24. Perry the singer
26. Dutch chocolate co.
28. Fitting
30. In great suspense, as with breath
31. Declared
34. Possible result of crop failure
37. You & me, for example
38. Typical pencil end
39. Hite of The Hite Report
41. First word in a Falco song title
42. Most healthy
44. Rights org.
47. Slang insult term
48. Cheer
51. Boat implement
52. Actor Seth
53. Word with Iron or Bronze
54. Breathing aid
57. Slightly open
58. Leave out
59. Pertaining to sheep
60. Former Panther Newton
61. Proboscis
62. Dealt
63. Direction from Chicago to Toronto

1. Reinsdorf or McCaskey, for example
2. Synonym for 13 Across
3. ___ Given Sunday
4. Hide away
5. Instruct
6. On alert
7. Land unit
8. Actor/singer Salonga
9. Bone prefix
10. Appearance of Jesus’ wounds
11. Nearest star
12. Chemical suffix
16. Tenth mo.
18. Japanese tech co.
20. Tennis player Stephens
25. Store sign
27. Baseball stats
29. Football stats
31. Protected
32. Soup dish
33. Home of ISU
34. Gave food
35. Vicinity
36. Inventor Guglielmo & family
39. “___ Out” (2010 hit, 2 wds.)
40. ___ on (get drunk, 2 wds.)
43. Roman emperor known for his column
45. Starbucks order
46. Magician Geller
49. First 2 words of a George R. R. Martin title
50. Phoenix film
52. Lively party
54. Erich ___ Däniken
55. Comic Philips
56. Actor Herbert
57. Frehly of Kiss

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