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The Man in Black

I wore black slacks with a long-sleeved black shirt today, and as I stood on the L platform to go to work, I heard the train a-comin' and felt inspired. By the time I got to the Loop, I had composed the following song:

Punster Prison Blues

When I was just a baby,
My mama told me, “Son,
“Always tell a nice joke.”
“Don’t play around with puns.”
But I punned a man in Reno
Just to hear him groan.
Now I’m stuck in Punster Prison
And it’s my turn to moan.

My cellmate said “Hey buddy,
“What did they bust you for?”
I told the pun to him and
He groaned til he was sore.
Now I’m stuck in solitary,
No one to hear or see.
But I’ll plan my grandest puns
To use when I am free.

So if you hear a setup
Too perfect to resist,
Do yourself a favor
And cross it off your list,
Or we’ll stay in Punster Prison
Until our days are done.
Where we’ll rewrite Dostoevsky,
And call it Crime and Pun.

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