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Really late notice, but here goes . . .

Posted on 2006.06.05 at 17:29
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For the third consecutive year, I will be performing in the Women’s Theatre Alliance New Play Festival (also, in 2005, two one-act plays I wrote were performed as part of this festival). I will be performing on Tuesday, June 6 (which is tomorrow as I write this) at 7:30 p.m. in The Battle of Anzio by Brenda Kilianski. My character is named Francesco. He is an Italian businessman who is a novice English student, so it’s an interesting dialect exercise for me. The challenge is that on the one hand, my English needs to be very bad, but on the other hand, the audience still needs to understand what I’m saying. On top of that, I don’t actually speak any Italian except for a few curse words that I will not list here, so I will have to be very careful about how I execute my Italian accent. It should be fun, and it’s a pretty good play, so if you’re in town and have $5 burning a hole in your pocket, come on down to The Theatre Building on Belmont just west of Racine and have a look.

A few other details: The reading will have minimal staging; we have rehearsed it but we will essentially be reading the play with no special lighting, set, or prop considerations. An additional actor will read in stage directions to help describe the action when necessary. The playwright will be in attendance and will be avid to hear any comments the audience might have, as this is part of a developmental process. If you’d like to see more about the festival and the Women’s Theatre Alliance, you can CLICK HERE for a link to the WTA web site.

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