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The first 4 letters in autopsy are a-u-t-o

The news came to us today of the autopsy results for Steve Howe. You might remember him – he was the 1980 National League Rookie of the Year for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He followed that up with a World Series championship the following year and an All-Star Game appearance the year after that. For all of his success, though, he is mostly remembered as an unstoppable drug abuser. He was suspended from baseball an amazing seven times for drug use (mostly cocaine) and in 1992, he became the first player to be banned for life because of his repeated drug abuse. His sad story came to an end two months ago when he rolled his truck, was thrown from it, and was crushed to death by his own vehicle. The autopsy results announced today showed that Howe had meth in his system when he died, and while I feel very sorry for those who loved him, I was glad to read that he took no one else out with him; he died in a single-vehicle crash.

Well, if you are a regular reader of this journal, you know that we are rarely serious for more than a paragraph at a time, and today will be no exception, in spite of the grimness of the subject matter. I would like to quote from the first paragraph of the Associated Press article that appeared online today. It implies that there was perhaps another death in that wreck after all – Mr. Howe’s truck. And I quote:

“Former major league pitcher Steve Howe had methamphetamine in his system when his pickup truck drifted off a desert highway and was killed, a coroner’s autopsy showed . . .”

One of my co-workers wondered aloud where they were going to find a coffin for the truck. I would also add that I feel more than a little sorry for the pallbearers.

And speaking of people being asleep at the wheel – what are they paying the copy editors at the Associated Press these days to turn out this kind of material? Come on, guys! This is not Skeeter & T-Bone’s News Service; this is the Associated F-----g Press! Get your act together!

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