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Meet Mookie!

This is our new cat Mookie! She arrived this afternoon, courtesy of one of CC’s friends who finds herself in the position of having to divest herself of her pets. Mookie is a piece of work – let’s see, where to begin . . . she’s probably about 7 years old, she’s part Manx and part Siamese. The Manx part accounts for her stubby little nub of a tail and the sort of “bun” on her hind end. The Siamese part accounts for her coloring, her face, and her very talkative nature – in spite of her deafness.

Officially, Mookie is here on a trial basis. We’ve already got Brownie here and the two of them will have to prove that they can coexist peacefully for the trial to be a success. We’re optimistic at this point. The two of them have had a few hissing and meowing contests already, and have even taken a few swings at each other, but nothing too bad. So we’re going to monitor the situation and hope for the best.

As you may know, we had to put Tick-Tock down in May. He was 18 years old and had spent 17 of those years with CC and/or me, so losing him was kind of tough. These last 2 months have been Brownie’s first taste of being the only cat in the household, and he seems to be showing signs that he would do better with a feline buddy. We decided that our preference would be to find an adult cat in need of a home, and along came Mookie! So we’ll see what happens. Wish us luck!

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