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News in brief – maybe too brief!

Posted on 2006.07.03 at 19:22
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Current Music: The Name of the Game - Abba
Hi! It’s me again, finding the lighter side of deadly human tragedies. As you may know, the main AOL log-on screen gives you a constantly rotating series of current news headlines. This graphic is from today’s AOL News. The problem here is that the juxtaposition of these three stories seems to suggest one very complicated storyline, not the least of which is this: What the heck was this game show host doing in Iraq? I’ll say this much – If they’ve started producing Deal or No Deal – Baghdad Edition, sign me up (let’s just say I feel lucky)!

There was one a couple years ago that I wish I had thought to get a screen capture of. On a single AOL news panel, the text read, “Red Sox Win World Series” followed by “Arafat Collapses During Meeting.” I mean, I think we were all just as shocked as he was, but who even knew Arafat was a Red Sox fan?

So if you find yourself on AOL on a regular basis, keep an eye peeled for these juxtapositions!

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