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You might know her . . .

Posted on 2006.07.06 at 01:49
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Current Music: Be My Baby - The Ronettes
. . . and if you don’t well, trust me, you ought to! My friend and former co-worker Lora gave birth to a son she named Isaac in mid-April (he’s an Aries if you need to know that). Mother and son came over for a visit on the 4th of July and these pictures were taken then. I know that several of Lora’s former co-workers cruise through this journal from time to time, and some of you have asked for info on mother & child, so here’s a visual update for ya. Oh, and if it isn’t apparent from these pix, I just want you to know that there is no alternative to adoring little Isaac!


(Anonymous) at 2006-07-07 15:35 (UTC) (Link)

Hi, Everyone!

What a lovely surprise to see our pictures here! Isaac changes so much from week to week...he is really making connections with his surroundings that he wasn't just a short time ago, and I love seeing that in his pictures. He is going on 12 weeks old now, and he's a delightful baby. He especially enjoyed meeting "Unkie Chuck" on the 4th!

Thanks, Chuck, for having us over and posting these pics for our old friends to enjoy!

Lora & Isaac
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