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head shot

Do they not lie where you come from?

Posted on 2006.07.10 at 19:08
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Current Music: Honesty - Billy Joel
I have worked at my present job here in the Loop for almost 14 years. Some days are pretty relaxed; more often, things are a little crazy. On a recent relaxed day, several of us began looking through old firm directories so we could giggle at the photographs. I seem to have collected more of these old directories than any of my coworkers, so the crowd was centered around my desk.

One coworker found all of this particularly fascinating. She has worked for our company for many years, most of them in her native country of India, but she’s here in Chicago on a temporary transfer. So she’s known many firm members by name for a long time but hasn’t necessarily known how their looks have changed through the years.

I finally pulled down the oldest of my directories, from 1992. We of course turned to the page with my photo on it. There I was with a lot of hair on top, wearing a nicely pressed suit and tie and sporting a prominent mustache, none of which are a part of my everyday look here. It was our Indian colleague who spoke first, ingenuously squealing, “Oh my, you were so handsome!” Almost everyone present found this pretty hysterical.

And after a bit, I had to concede as well that it was pretty damn funny.

That being said, I would have been just fine with a well-placed lie – something along the lines of, “Oh my, you’re so much more handsome now!” I don’t think that’s an unreasonable request. I mean, if I ask you for the truth, I want the truth, but I made no such request in this case. Ah well. She has a lot to learn about our culture. We’ll make a liar out of her yet!


eagleeye113 at 2006-07-12 05:29 (UTC) (Link)

So pretty...

Ok, bad enough when an acquaintence says that, but when you hear it from your kids, it's so much more special. Five-year-olds have a tendency to be brutally honest, and they see pictures of years-ago mom and say, "OOOH, Mommy, you were so pretty then!" Thanks, child, thanks a lot! I feel your pain, Chuck, I really do! Middle Sis
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