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Faire and Sunny

Yes, it was extremely hot and muggy on Sunday, and the sun burned brightly from dawn til dusk. It seemed like a fine day to recline in air conditioned comfort. Who, us? Are you kidding? My friend meryddian and I saw this as a prime opportunity to spend the day at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, which takes place just across the Wisconsin border from Illinois. For her part, she’s there working on most of the faire days, but she had this weekend off, so she took the opportunity to go up there, enjoy the faire, and take lots of photos (which I'm sure she'll be posting in her own LJ) – since you aren’t allowed to take photos when you’re working the faire. For my part, I’d only been up to Bristol once before – last year – and I wanted to get back there. They do a terrific job, plus which I wanted to see their closing ceremony, which came highly recommended.

For the sake of my friends on dial-up, I’m not going to post my Faire photos on this screen, but if you’d like to see some of my pix & captions –

The front gate!

There’s a lot of lovely landscaping and floral displays on the site.

These 3 had a great job for a day like today – hanging around by the well/fountain and tossing water on each other.

Now I could be mistaken, but I believe we have a couple of fairy godmothers here.

If I’m reading my schedule correctly, this fellow on stilts is one of the very funny members of a 3-man act called Barely Balanced.

This amusing lady is Her Majesty’s Fool.

Hey, that’s me! Costume by CC.

This lady is one of a group called (I believe) the Fantasticals. They were one of my very favorite things at the Faire. They never uttered a word, but their movements and makeup combined for an enchanting display. I want them for my next feast!

This is a look at the musical finale at the end of the day. Another scene not to be missed!

I’d never seen a marionette act quite like this one – where the live person plays the part of the puppet. She appears to have utterly captivated the gentleman in the authentic period Harley Davidson t-shirt.


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