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Hey Sister Go Sister

Posted on 2006.09.07 at 23:52
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I came across this the other day – something I’d quite forgotten about. It’s a rap song, penned by yours truly. A bit of set-up is in order:

One of the characters in Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is Tina’s cousin Terry, who has just become a nun – Sister Albert Maria. There was a woman who used to play Terry who left the show a while ago; I’ll refer to her by her initials, JF. When she first went up as Terry, she asked me if I would write a rap song for her to perform in the course of the show. I dutifully complied, but for various reasons, the rap was never used. It has always gotten a good reaction when I’ve performed it for cast members, so I thought I would I offer it here for your edification. I’m not sure how well it reads; you might want to rap it out loud for yourself.

Sister Terry Rap

Well I got myself a habit and I got a cross
And a Mother Superior to be my boss
Got a bed in the convent that’s as hard as rock
All my worldly possessions now I had to hock
Now I’m livin’ in the convent with the other sisters
And we’re prayin’ night and day until our knees got blisters
So I strive while I’m alive to live just like a saint
Sister got her a stigmata but so far I ain’t
Gonna drink the holy vino while I eat the host
And I pray to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Take an arrow to the marrow like Saint Anthony
Take it harder like a martyr, hallelujah take me!
So when you say your nightly prayers say a word for me
Set a goal to save a soul, I’ll sing a psalm for thee!

Yeah, it’s a little far afield from my usual stuff, but sometimes you just gotta break out a little!


(Anonymous) at 2006-09-11 03:45 (UTC) (Link)


Hi Chuck !
Yikes ! Thank goodness this wasn't used in the show. "An arrow to the marrow" refers to St.Sebastian NOT St Anthony ! I suppose no one would notice (too many "cradle" catholics are too far removed from a catechism class.)...Aside from some shakey theology it's "classic" Chuck !
charlesofcamden at 2006-09-11 05:19 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Rap...

Ah! Right you are about St. Sebastian! The moment I read your post I realized the truth of it! I'll allow myself two disclaimers in that matter: 1) I honestly wrote this rap very quickly; and 2) Sebastian would be very tricky to come up with a rhymne for. And I can certainly agree that there is no great statement of theology to be found in it. Some of that was actually an attempt on my part to mimic the shallow lyrics that are so often a part of "real" rap songs. Thanks for the feedback!
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