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Posted on 2006.09.14 at 01:20
Current Mood: goodgood
Current Music: Rocky Mountain High - John Denver
There were 2 big birthdays this week. The first one I’ll mention was Dad’s. He turned 75 yesterday. I called to wish him a happy birthday and he admitted that he’d never considered it at all likely that he’d make it this far, so he was at a bit of a loss for words. I’ll supply a few right here – my Dad is a remarkable man. He and my Mom raised 8 kids, sent us through 12 years of parochial $chooling, and provided each of us with a wealth of tools and examples for how to go about living a responsible and intelligent life. Here’s to 75 more!

My father has never been comfortable being fussed over in any way so I’ll keep it brief and move on. The day before my father’s birthday was Francesca’s birthday, though she was born many years after he was. She has worn many hats in her life, both literally and figuratively. In addition to being an accomplished actress, she is a playwright, dancer, theatrical producer, stand-up comic, and Emmy-nominated television writer, in addition to being the author of the book shown here. It’s a country music trivia book that was published a couple years ago, and I am as proud as can be that my name is on prominent display in the Acknowledgments section. I’ve mentioned her in this journal a couple times recently, in conjunction with the play Busting Out ’06 – Toying With the Tyranny of Time, which for the record closed last night after a very successful run. I’ll close here with a rerun. It’s a poem I wrote in this journal a year ago to honor Francesca, and rather than merely link you back to that post, here it is again:

They sometimes call her Frankie,
Though it doesn’t really fit.
And she used to go by Robyn,
Which was worse, I must admit.

If you want to call her Fran,
Go ahead (but start to run).
You could call her Mrs. Tonks,
Although I’ve never heard it done.

I’m nearly out of nicknames
So this poem will have to end
With the name I’ll always call her,
And that name is simply Friend.



eagleeye113 at 2006-09-14 12:04 (UTC) (Link)

Speaking of Emmys...

September 12th is also one of your nieces' birthday, she turned six this year, and I can only hope she is as accomplished as your friend someday!
charlesofcamden at 2006-09-14 15:43 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Speaking of Emmys...

Well I'm glad somebody keeps track of these things! Please pass along belated birthday wishes from her absent-minded uncle!
You know, that got me thinking . . . maybe somebody should take on a little craft project for the holidays and make a nice laminated card with all of our extended family's birthdays listed on it. I'd offer to do it myself, but I don't actually know most of the dates beyond my siblings' birthdays, though I'd certainly be happy to help . . .
(Anonymous) at 2006-09-23 01:02 (UTC) (Link)

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes

I don't quite know what to say. As a web neanderthal I don't get to your site nearly often enough. How lucky to have such a beautiful amazing friend in my life. Happy birthday to your niece, a fellow Virgo.
Love forever and always - Francheezie (My official TnT name)
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