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There & Back Again

Posted on 2006.09.28 at 10:10
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I hadn’t taken a real vacation in several years . . . OK, I still haven’t. But I did journey to those storied, mystic lands of Indiana and Ohio for a couple days this week.

As you might infer from the above shot, we went to Cleveland and saw an Indians game. Yes, and we saw them defeat the punchless Chicago White Sox 6-0. From a baseball standpoint, it was noteworthy because the winning pitcher for the Indians was C.C. Sabathia, making him the first Indians pitcher to go 4-0 in a season against the White Sox since Luis Tiant in 1968.

* * *
The first Kodak moment actually occurred before the game. I wanted to get both the gas station and the stadium in the same frame in order to unambiguously establish the location. The important thing in this shot is the price of gas, which is about a dollar less than it sells for in Chicago. I wanted to record and publish this in case my Chicago friends refused to believe me.

I just want to show you what terrific seats we had – second row of the upper deck. Jacobs Field is a beautiful place to watch a game, although our friendly usher Tim informed us that it was to be our last trip to Jacobs Field. It seems that the naming rights are about to be sold, though they haven’t announced to whom. So the Indians may be playing next season at Purina Goat Chow Park or Massengill Field.

On our way back to Chicago, CC and I were looking for some diversion along the way. At a rest stop along I-80, we picked up a guide to Indiana’s Amish communities, and we settled on Shipshewana. It was everything one might have expected – there were real Amish folks driving real buggies pulled by real horses. And as we pulled into town, we were real hungry. It was apparent that THE place for tourists to eat lunch in Shipshewana is the Blue Gate Restaurant, so we followed suit. The place is huge, with several large dining rooms and an efficient computerized seating system. Our waitress was an older woman named Amanda who wore a plain blue dress and a simple starched white bonnet, but if she was Amish, I’ll climb the big ladder at the next barn-raising. The food was adequate but utterly indistinguishable from the fare at any competent diner. So no, we did not get to sample any authentic Amish cuisine, if there is such a thing.

Having said that, Shipshewana was an enjoyable jaunt. It is pretty and quiet and the people are very friendly. And seemingly half the businesses in town are named Yoder this or Yoder that. We spent some time at the Yoder Department Store in the Yoder Shopping Center, where CC found quite a few fabrics worth buying. A block over from that is the Yoder Express Gas Station. I did a little asking around and was told that it isn’t all the same person; it’s just that Yoder is a very common name in those parts. At that moment, I could have sworn I heard the strains of “Dueling Banjos” somewhere in the distance. Ah well. They seem a contented lot and we were glad to pop in for a visit.


meryddian at 2006-09-30 03:01 (UTC) (Link)
I am way teh_jealous that you went to an Indians game!

(my other fave ball team 'sides the BoSox!)
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