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We Have a Special Guest in the Audience Tonight…

I don’t perform in the Wednesday or Thursday editions of Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding on account of my work schedule, but when I got off work tonight at 8, I high-tailed it over to TnT, camera in hand. You see, Sunday will mark the farewell performances of two of our stalwarts, Pete and Damian. Damian has generally played either Tony or best man Barry Wheeler, but tonight he portrayed Tina’s gay brother Joey Vitale for the first and last time, and I had to see it.

I walked in during dinner, so there was still quite a bit of show left to perform, most notably the choreographed dance that Joey and the bridesmaids do to the tune of “Lady Marmalade” from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. I took various photos that you can see by clicking the link below, but I also got a little surprise in a different area.

It has been a l-o-n-g time since I watched the show without playing either Father Mark or caterer Vinnie Black, and I was genuinely surprised at how different the show looked and sounded when I was simply observing the show as myself. I realized that everything I see and hear there is normally filtered through the lens of whatever character I’m playing as a part of my perceiving it. Tonight, those filters were left off and the show hit me in a whole different way. The first thing I thought was, “Wow, these people are behaving like idiots!” I do not mean that as a criticism; a lot of what we do is idiotic by design. It’s just that, as a character, I can’t perceive it that way – everything is completely real. It was very interesting and I think even instructive to see what the show looks like as an audience member.

That’s Damian in the middle in the pink vest as Joey Vitale. On the left is Dustin as Joey’s boyfriend Rick. On the right is an audience member (Damian may have been gay tonight, but he wasn’t blind!). That’s Jeff, our bartender, pouring a drink on the far right.

This is Joey, along with Tina & the bridesmaids, dancing to “Lady Marmalade.”

Here’s Pete as Vinnie Black, accompanied by Cheryl as his lovely wife Loretta.

On the left, hiding from the camera, is our business manager Janice, who is also the aunt of both our director Joe and our producer Anthony. Next to her is our stage manager Maggie. Next to her is Jeannie, who was on Vinnie Black’s wait staff tonight.

That’s Jeannie again, next to Mike as Tina’s ex-boyfriend Michael, who crashes the wedding and makes some trouble in the course of the evening.

This, of course, is the end.

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