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Yeah, more pix of the TnT gang

Posted on 2006.10.02 at 01:54
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As I mentioned in the preceding post, tonight was Pete and Damian’s last night with TnT. Afterward, the gang went over to Tequila Roadhouse, a Wells Street watering hold about a block from the theater. As anyone in the show could tell you, I rarely go out with the gang, but tonight was an exception. Most of the cast was there, along with quite a few former cast members who had worked with Pete and/or Damian, so it was a lot of fun seeing some old friends tonight. I took a few photos, and if you’d like to see them . . .

3 former cast member – Matt V., Heather, and now Pete!

Damian, CC, Pete, and Jonathon. I have no idea what was going on here – I just take the pictures.

Jonathon, CC, Pete, and Damian.

Mike and Matt S.

Matt V., CC, and Alison P. Matt V. just had to do something weird facially for this shot . . .

. . . so CC returned the favor while standing next to Matt V. The other fellow is a friend of Matt V.’s whose name I did not catch.

I believe what I said was, “OK Katie, let’s get a cleavage shot.” She immediately obliged. CC and Matt V. then jumped into the frame to provide their support as well.

Sarah, Alison P., Marisa, Cheryl, and Meghan. If you’ve ever wondered whether it was possible to put this much sexy into one photo, the answer is yes!

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