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Cliché Alert

The Tigers win the pennant! The Tigers win the pennant!

But you probably already heard about that.

Yeah, I’m pretty jazzed about it. This is the first pennant they’ve won since 1984 and the third they’ve won in my lifetime. Now they await the winner of the New York Mets-St. Louis Cardinals series, which is tied at two games apiece as I write this.

I haven’t seen this quote yet, but somebody has probably already said something like it, and if they haven’t, they’ll be saying it soon. It’s a type of exchange that gets played out every year in every sport. It goes something like this:

REPORTER: So now that you’ve won the pennant, I have to ask you – which team would you rather face next, the Mets or the Cardinals?
TIGER PLAYER: It doesn’t matter to us. Those are two terrific ball clubs and it’s going to be a tremendous challenge trying to beat either of them. Right now, we’re just happy to be moving on to the next level.

The reporter asks this question even though he knows he has a 99.9% chance of hearing something like what I’ve written above, but he asks it anyway because he dreams of being the reporter who gets the 0.1% chance answer that could end up being bulletin board material for the other team, and more importantly, a national story with that reporter’s name on it. The player is half-expecting to hear this question, and even a relatively dumb jock will have a canned response ready to go. It’s all so very tedious; this type of paint-by-numbers interviewing tends to put me off from watching a lot of pre- and post-game interviews. Just play the game, play hard, take your trophy, or take your lumps!

For the record, I’m rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals over the Mets, for two reasons: One, it would be a franchise rematch of the first World Series I can remember, in which the Tigers beat the Cardinals in seven games. The second reason is more practical; it’s that I think the Mets are a far better team than the Cardinals, so I’m hoping they will somehow mess up and the Tigers will get to face the more beatable Cardinals. Now some fans might sniff at this – “Don’t you want your team to beat the best?” Let me tell you what I want – I want the Tigers to beat the National League pennant winners!

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