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Blackhawk Down – But Not Out

My lovely friends Doug and Francesca gave me a ticket to tonight’s hockey game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Montreal Canadiens. It was the best seat I’ve ever had for a hockey game – section 101, a few seats from dead center ice, 7th row right behind the Blackhawks bench, 3rd row overlooking the tunnel the players walk up and down between periods, close enough to hear players, coaches, and officials yelling at one another.

I love watching hockey live, and though I’ve lived in Chicago for 14 years, I don’t particularly root for the Hawks (go Red Wings!), partly because their management shows no commitment at all to building a first-rate team, and shows no understanding of how to market their product in the 21st century. On top of that, Doug’s family hails from Montreal, so tonight was all about rooting for Les Habitants. It was a hard-fought, entertaining game, but the Hawks prevailed 2-1. The last 2 minutes were quite exciting – Chicago took a penalty with 1:55 remaining, on top of which Montreal pulled their goalie at about the 1 minute mark, so for the last minute Montreal was going 6-on-4 against Chicago and swarming around their net, but they couldn’t find the equalizer and the final horn sounded to a tumultuous cheer from the partisan crowd.

I had fully intended to bring along my digital camera so that I could festoon this posting with close-up photos of tonight’s game, but *sigh* I forgot to grab the camera on my way out the door this morning. I was trying to think about how I might illustrate this posting when something else occurred. After the game, while I was waiting for my ride to get out of the United Center men’s room, I suddenly heard a familiar female voice cry, “Husband!” That could be only one person – my friend Alison.

Okay, I know several Alisons. I mean THIS Alison. If you’re a regular reader of this journal, you’ve seen her before. She calls me “husband” and I call her “wife” . . . it’s a long story. Don’t read too much into it. The funny thing is, I had fully intended to call her today but time ran out on me. So to run into her in a hallway at the United Center is just a little bit remarkable. Sometimes this huge city can suddenly feel very small!

That seat I had for tonight’s game carries a face value of $67.50 – and that’s not including TicketMaster or God knows what other fees. That’s a little steep for yours truly, so unless the ticket fairy pays me another visit, I don’t expect to be sitting in such a seat again anytime soon. By the way, in case you’ve never seen a $67.50 ticket, it looks like this:

(Ha! I came up with another graphic to illustrate this posting!)

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