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I Tell You I Do Not Know the Man!

The Cardinals won game 1 of the World Series last night and maybe, just maybe, I have to share a sliver of the blame. It was like this, your honor:

At last night’s performance of TnT, my Father Mark was, as usual, making the rounds of the tables during dinner, exchanging pleasantries with the audience members. As I approached a group of two middle-aged couples, I suppose I should have noted that both of the men were wearing bright red. They quickly confirmed that they were visiting from St. Louis. I commended them on their devotion to our dear friends Tony and Tina, that they would value attending this wedding over watching the World Series.

Then they asked me who I was rooting for. Almost before I knew what I was saying, I responded, “Well, as a Catholic priest, I pretty much have to root for the Cardinals!” They all laughed, so I suppose the moment was an artistic success, but it still pained me that I wasn’t able to find a suitable reason for Father Mark to root for the Tigers (or to root against the Cardinals). I am open to suggestions, folks!

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