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Hoosier Daddy?

I accompanied the TnT gang on Friday as we performed at the Blue Chip Casino and Hotel in scenic Michigan City, Indiana. How picturesque is Michigan City? Well, the casino sits almost literally in the shadow of the gracefully curved cooling tower of the local nuclear power plant. I just wanted to give you big-city folks a little taste of small-town charm!

Our schedule allowed for a couple hours of gambling, and I made the most of it, happily dropping money into the quarter slot machines. As our departure time was drawing near, I found myself $50 poorer than when I had entered. On my third from last pull of the evening, though, I won $50, so I walked out of the casino having had a couple hours of fun at no cost to myself, and no profit to The Man. Actually, I came out a little ahead, having consumed several complimentary drinks and a free trip to the lunch buffet (travel tip – try the whitefish; stay away from the onion rings!).

Those rows of glowing lights are slot machines, as seen from a vantage point near our reception hall.

The room used for the chapel was tastefully set up for a little over 200 people. It may not look like much in this photo, but it looked better in real life and was certainly a better space than many we’ve encountered on the road.

This shot will probably be of more interest to TnT folks. I wanted to show how the reception hall setup differed from the setup at our home in Piper’s Alley. This shot was taken from behind the edge of the dais, which was straight down center, where our bar is located back at the Pipe. As Vinnie, it was nice to be able to refer to the bridal party directly in front of me. The lighting was colorful and arranged with care and taste.

That’s Dana as Tina during the Dollar Dance with a line of patrons waiting to dance with the bride. To the right are Pete as Tony’s father, Mr. Nunzio, and JJ as photographer Sally Antonucci.

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