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Ho Ho (Hic!)

Posted on 2006.12.09 at 12:47
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Current Music: You're Not Drinking Enough - Don Henley
We had our annual office Christmas party on Friday. Not a bad day’s pay – work in the office from 9 to 11 a.m., then walk a few blocks over to the Chicago Cultural Center and party until 5. At that point, I departed for the evening’s performance of TnT, while the remaining partiers proceeded to another venue, where their revelry continued far into the night. I will, of course, check in with my informers on Monday to catch up on the more scandalous or otherwise entertaining aspects of the later party, and you may rest assured that I will NOT be passing along any of those reports in this journal!

Early in the afternoon’s proceedings, one of my coworkers had procured a Cosmopolitan for herself (the drink, not the magazine). It was served in an impressively large, weighty martini glass and made quite the visual statement poised in one’s hand. After a few sips, my coworker made a face and stopped drinking. When a waiter came by a moment later, she set the glass on his tray, saying, “This drink is a little too strong!” (that was, incidentally, the first time in her life those words had been spoken by her in that order, but that’s another story entirely!).

Anyway, the waiter accepted the drink and walked away. Well, he walked about 10 feet. At that point, when he erroneously thought no one was looking, he quickly picked up the forsaken Cosmopolitan, downed it one impressive gulp and continued on his way. Back at the table, the group of us laughed and marveled at that one for a few minutes.

My thought at the time was that I should check back on that particular waiter in a couple of hours to see how well he was moving, but I couldn’t seem to find him a couple hours later! While it’s certainly possible that he some issues in his life, either with alcohol or his employer, I can’t help but have a little admiration for his chutzpah, as well as his laudable aversion to wastefulness!


jenniferblaufra at 2006-12-11 08:23 (UTC) (Link)
Hi there! I met you at Cheryl's birthday get-together. She put your LJ name in her journal, and I'm adding you because you are charming. :D

charlesofcamden at 2006-12-11 16:44 (UTC) (Link)
Why gawrsh, thanks! I certainly remember you and you're pretty charming yourself! Consider yourself friended in return!
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