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My Act Could Use a Little Polish

There are a lot of people born in Detroit who are of Polish descent. One of them was my late mother. Hmmm… I guess that also means that one of them is me. Some people would say this explains a lot, but I do my best to ignore them.

Growing up on Detroit’s white east side (before they all moved north to Warren and Sterling Heights), I heard and told a lot of Polish jokes. One of my favorites goes like this: “Did you hear about the Polish hit man? They sent him to blow up a car and he burned his lips on the tailpipe!”


In the spirit of the season, though, I want to offer another one from long ago:
“How do we know Jesus wasn’t born in Poland?”
“They couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin!”

This genre of joke can obviously be transplanted to any ethnic or special interest group to suit the taste or prejudices of the teller, but that being said, I’m always on the lookout for choice and worthy additions to the canon of ethnic humor, so please feel free to pass along your favorites!

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