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I’m a puzzling guy!

Among the more oddball accomplishments in my life is the fact that I am a published crossword puzzle author. I once sold two daily-style puzzles to the United Tribune syndicate, which then ran them in newspapers across the country with my name on them. The day I received that $50 check in the mail was a day of extreme geek pride, let me tell ya!

Well, the old crossword bug has been gnawing at me lately, and I’ve gone ahead and produced a new one specifically for my LJ readers. There are a few things you should know before you dig in:

It has been designed according to some, though not all, of the basic guidelines for a commercial daily puzzle, i.e., it is in a 15x15 format, the layout is symmetrical, and there is no word shorter than 3 letters. One way in which it departs from guidelines is that it contains a few terms that would only be known to a very select group of people; namely, people who know me. But most of the words are entirely common, so I hope you’ll give it a whirl.

One more thing – while you can of course print the puzzle from here and fill it out in the traditional manner, I can also e-mail it to you as a Microsoft Word doc if you drop me a note. In the Word file, the puzzle is formatted as a text table, so you can fill it out on-screen if you so choose. I’ll run the solution here in a day or two.

1. Hydrochloric acid, for short
4. 1988 U.S. Open champ Wilander
8. The Green ____
9. Me and My ____ (Nilsson hit)
11. Seuss creation
12. Wolfish
13. Puff’s friend Jackie
14. Alternative to a hit
15. Glenn Shadix role in Beetlejuice
18. Kingston Trio hit
19. Capital of Ukraine
21. Early 20th century novelist Elinor ____
22. Wall St. abbr.
23. Actress Charlotte and others
25. Hindu princess
26. Durante role in The Man Who Came to Dinner
27. Tropical fruit
28. Yours truly
33. Wallace’s running mate in 1968 (also a street my father lived on)
34. Ballet skirts
35. A Baldwin
36. “… ____ it Memorex?”
37. Presidential monogram
40. Oliver Twist’s request
41. Place for hatchlings
43. Grand ____ Opry
44. Wilder & Pryor’s ____ Crazy
45. Arab robes
47. Oscar winner Mary
49. Liquid aldehyde found in lemons and limes
51. Sufficient
52. Main artery
53. Person who introduced me to 12 Down, for short
54. Soviet news agency
55. Godley & Creme hit

1. Spenser for ____
2. Street 1 block west of my apt.
3. ____ Luthor
4. Spiegelman’s classic graphic novel
5. Early synthesizers
6. Three (pref.)
7. Early baby picture
8. Usual car type for my family (slang)
10. Marshy area
11. Wood strip
12. Home for 28 Across
13. Issue for some women
14. “You don’t know what it ____ …” (Queen lyric)
16. Door holder
17. Weekly humor & satire newspaper
20. Dies ____ (“Day of wrath”)
24. Pushovers
26. Lions cornerback Dré
27. Pas’ mates
28. Seafood chowder items
29. Serf in Sparta
30. ____ Online
31. Detroit had one in 1967
32. Say a bad word
37. In an intense manner
38. ____ gin
39. Form to fill out at my day job (abbr.)
42. Roy Horn, formerly
45. My older brother and others
46. Sheep sounds
48. Nimble
50. ____-La-La
51. Maker of Hornets and Gremlins

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