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Party favors

A couple of things to share here from a couple of recent parties. Today at the day job, I attended my department Christmas party. We went to a very nice nearby restaurant – Trattoria No. 10. After starting the meal with a bowl of perhaps the best mushroom soup I have ever tasted, I dined on a slab of salmon so transcendently wonderful that it must surely have been snatched from the plate of a visiting monarch. For dessert, I chose the Chocolate Trio. I will not describe it for you; words cannot replicate the experience of willingly, happily, drowning in chocolate. But know this – as I type these words, nearly ten hours have passed since that grand meal, and hunger has not sought my company since then.

We followed up the meal with our Secret Santa gift exchange. I gave my recipient the CD The Information by Beck. Now before you start thinking that I was taking a big chance on something like that, I should explain that we had all indicated several gift wishes in a Word document on our server. My gift specifications were a little more vague – I indicated that I would be happy with a funny book or movie, or with a gift that told me something about the taste of the giver. I’m pleased to say that my Secret Santa took my request to heart, and he gave me a book he himself is very fond of – Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris. I’m looking forward to digging into it. I know so many people who really like Sedaris’ stuff, and this will be my first exposure to his work.

The other item I’ve brought to today’s Show & Tell is a photo from the all-office Holiday Party of earlier this month. There were various items being distributed as we arrived, and this is a photo of me wearing a couple of them, namely, a crown and a mask.
(thanks to Frank M. for the photo!)


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