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Settling in

Today was the new cat’s first full day here. He is relaxing quite nicely. We still haven’t put the two cats in the same room at the same time; the folks at PAWS suggest giving them a few days to get used to each other’s smell and presence. They have done some hissing and meowing from opposite sides of doors, but that all so far. I’ve got several photos to share –

Here’s the new boy on the sun porch. He really enjoys being in among the plants – probably some latent jungle fantasy there.

This was the shot I really wanted to get – showing the impressive plume of a tail seemingly stapled onto his modest body.

Oh, he likes the gerbils. Maybe a little too much! He is utterly taken up with Gerbilann in this picture, and he spent quite a bit of time today trying to get at her and her sister Gerbilee, who resides in the adjoining cage. The gerbils, as usual, sniffed at him with interest, oblivious to his dark intent. We’re considering ways to significantly reinforce their cages or to otherwise modify their living arrangements, so as to keep them living.

Meanwhile, at an undisclosed secure location, Brunswick awaits her opportunity to confront this interloper. Stay tuned!

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