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Unique artwork

Posted on 2007.01.13 at 01:18
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Current Music: Stitch & Sew - from Jim Eiler's Emperor's New Clothes
Today, I want to show you and tell you about the finest piece of artwork to be found in my humble apartment. What makes it really special is that it was designed and made by my roommate CC.

So what are we looking at here? It is a cross-stitch, measuring about 24”x16”, which is proudly displayed in our dining room. It is meant to be rotated as it is read and the pictures change with the story. It would probably make a wonderful children’s book. Here’s an enlarged detail of the Queen:
In the initial picture, she is holding her rolling pin and suffering from a broken heart, as anyone who has had their tarts stolen can certainly understand. In the later picture, she is smiling and her heart has been mended. All sorts of other details may be seen in the rest of the design. I’ve never seen anything else remotely like it and I think it is a beautiful work of art.

A few other details about the design: Previous to designing this, CC had learned a lot about the design of face cards from her work designing the costumes for a national touring company of Alice in Wonderland, which may have partially inspired this creation. In designing this cross-stitch, however, she had to resolve a vital issue. It seems that the designs on real face cards are normally done using 30 and 60 degree angles, while the grid employed for cross-stitching essentially pushes one toward working in 45 and 90 degree angles. So these designs, while incorporating some general elements of actual playing cards, had to be completely rethought. Personally, I find that kind of back story fascinating! Though CC has never particularly sought to sell it, she has exhibited it publicly and has entertained at least one lucrative offer for it. It is my distinct pleasure to share these pix with a larger audience, though if you’re ever in the neighborhood, it really needs to be seen in the flesh … or in the thread … whatever.


beautifulsoup at 2007-01-13 18:02 (UTC) (Link)
Please compliment her on this fabulous work! I am in awe of anyone who can design something so complex... the work on the cards is fabulous.
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