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Okay, NOW she’s my older sister!

Y’see – my big sister Bev was born on February 1st. I was born less than a year after her on January 22nd, so she and I are the same age for a week and a half every year. As you may recall, I posted a few old birthday photos a couple weeks ago. In response, my younger sister Ellen, known in these parts as eagleeye113, sent me the photos shown here. They depict my older sister’s 6th and 8th birthdays, respectively. A few notes on these photos:

The photo on the left shows Ellen, me (partially hidden), Art, Dan, and Bev. The photo on the right shows Me, Ellen (who looks as if she’s trying to help blow out the candles, Dan behind her, Bev, and Art. I spoke in my earlier post about my mother’s habits in the area of buying/baking cakes, quite forgetting that Bev was a notable exception – mom would almost invariably bake her a heart-shaped cake, as shown in both of these pix.

Architectural notes – On the left, you can see a little bit of the door leading out onto our back porch, as well as the unadorned wall behind us. Two years later, in the photo on the right, the door to the porch was gone, which was just as well, since the porch was also gone. The walls have also been redone, with pink formica and tile going halfway up. And speaking of formica, that same gray table is still there; is always there.


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