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TnT Explosion!

It’s time for another photo collection from Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. Why? Couple of reasons – mainly because CC has returned to the cast and in a new role. In her earlier tour of duty, she played Tina’s mother, Mrs. Vitale, but now she’s over at the groom’s family table playing the role of Grandma Nunzio. She’s been doing it for several weeks now, but a few days ago when she made the little blue hat you see here, I realized that I needed to document this photographically. She’s shown here during the reception, out on the dance floor boogeying to “The Carwash.”

In addition, we have an exceptionally high number of cast and company departures happening this week and next, so I wanted to salute those fine folks. On top of that, a few other shots were just crying out to be taken, so here they are!

The bridesmaids dancing to “The Carwash.” That’s Kelly L. as Marina, Niki as Connie (yes, Connie is pregnant, though Niki is not), and Kelly A. as Donna.

Jeannie as Maddie, CC as Grandma Nunzio.

Cheryl as Loretta Black, Matt as Dominic. I love how this one came out – such an elegant couple!

Khalil as Vinnie Black on his last scheduled day (though we hope he’ll come back to fill in real soon)

Naomi as Hot Coco of Vinnie’s wait staff. Naomi’s leaving us next week, alas.

Jeannie as Maddie with her date, Mr. Nunzio, as played by Teddy.

Me with our costumer Anna. She’s leaving us next week and that’s a sad thing. Given my uncommon measurements, I am a tough one to costume, so I’m always extra-nice to costume people – though it’s always been easy to be nice to Anna!

This photo’s a little ragged but I had to include it here for obvious reasons. It was taken from across the dance floor under bad lighting conditions, so I’ve had to crop it and punch up the image as best I could. That’s CC as Grandma Nunzio at the reception. My Father Mark sits next to her.

Taken about a minute after the above photo, only now Nona is standing on the dance floor in decent light, toasting the bride and groom.

Pete and Jaclyn as Tony and Tina. Taken in the lobby literally five seconds before they made their running entrance at the beginning of the reception.

Teddy as Mr. Nunzio, Khalil as Vinnie Black.

Dustin as best man Barry Wheeler. He is leaving the show next week as well, so he’s waving goodbye to us here.

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