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Enjoy the Spectacle(s) and Raise Your Glasses!

This may not mean much to anyone else, but it’s a pretty big honkin’ deal to me – I got new glasses today! They’re my first pair of bifocals – excuse me – progressives. That is apparently the word they use at the grown-ups table to describe them nowadays. Okay, there’s actually a point to using that word – there’s no line separating the two vision zones; just a single lens with a smooth transition between the two extremes.

This all comes as no surprise. Both my parents were nearsighted and they had eight nearsighted children, and I’m probably the most nearsighted of the bunch. What did come as a surprise is how much better my vision is with these new specs! I’m Lovin’ It!™ It’s not that my vision changed so much since my last new pair (I probably should have gotten progressives then but didn’t); it’s just that my old glasses had become scratched, de-laminated, and otherwise disreputable, and the contrast between the two pairs is quite profound.

So I’m going about my business today, involuntarily opening my eyes super-wide, just to take in all the wonderful sharp details I’ve been missing. I may do some reading tonight as well, since I’ll no longer need to remove my glasses and press the book close to my face to do so. Ah, life’s little pleasures . . . do I know how to celebrate Valentine’s Day or what?

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