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A Warning To Us All!

Came across this news item today –
Report: Man dies after ‘marathon’ online session
I’m playing by the rules here – the article says “This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed” so I’m just putting the link here rather than the actual text.

Now, while I don’t do the same kind of computer gaming this poor fellow was doing, I certainly spend a remarkable percentage of my waking hours with my eyes on the screen and my fingers on the keyboard. Like right now, for Chrissakes! I’m also not as big as our late Chinese friend was, but goodness knows I could stand to lose some of this flesh while improving the condition of the flesh I’m keeping, and surfing the Internet doesn’t seem to be getting the job done!

One looks at those “addiction” numbers at the end of the article and wonders: A) Are those numbers for real? and B) If those are the numbers for China, what must the numbers be for the U.S.?
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