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So you want an upgrade, huh? Well, it’s gonna cost you…

Posted on 2007.03.19 at 21:22
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I just read this one today. There is something very blackly humorous about this, I have to admit. Or at least something kind of fascinating about the whole scenario.
Woman Dies on Flight, Gets Upgraded (Reuters and AP)
LONDON (March 19) – A first-class passenger on a flight from New Delhi to London awoke to find the corpse of a woman who had died in the economy cabin being placed in a seat next to him, British Airways said Monday.

Paul Trinder, 54, said cabin crew moved the body of the elderly woman from the economy section where she had died after take-off. The incident was first reported in British newspapers.

“The corpse was strapped into the seat but because of turbulence it kept slipping down on to the floor,” Trinder , a businessman, was quoted as saying. “It was horrific. The body had to be wedged in place with lots of pillows.”

The woman’s daughter was also upgraded and spent the rest of the nine-hour flight from Delhi to London grieving next to her dead mother, the Sun reported…
The article goes on for several more paragraphs, but that’s the story. Weekend at Bernie’s Part 3, anyone?

OK, so I can be a sicko on select occasions.


actuary67 at 2007-03-20 23:03 (UTC) (Link)

Wow, I can't believe they continued on with the rest of the 9 hour (!) flight... you'd think they would land somewhere first and let the 2 of them go back!
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