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Solo shots

Posted on 2007.03.31 at 01:17
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CC brought the camera along to Friday night’s performance of Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. By the end of the evening, exactly 60 pictures had been taken with that camera. You’ll be relieved to know that I have not posted all 60 in this journal. In fact, I’ve only posted 5 of them. I decided to specialize stylistically this time around, so the 5 shots are all single-person photos; no group shots. Mind you, there were some very nice group shots in the collection, but they seemed much like ones I’ve shown before, while each of these solo shots has, I think, something distinctive about it. You be the judge!

This is Cheyenne as Maddie. She left the show some months ago and came back just for tonight on very short notice. Always a pleasure to have her on board!

This is Kelly L. as bridesmaid Marina Galina, and I think it’s a wonderful shot. It very much captures the essence of the character and should put a smile on the face of anyone who knows both Kelly and the show.

This shot had to be included just for the weirdness factor. It’s Nicki as pregnant bridesmaid Connie, hunkered down on the dais. Taken out of context, though, it looks more like a scene from a futuristic, drag show interpretation of Clan of the Cave Bear.

This is a detail from a much larger photo, which accounts for the bad lighting and graininess. It’s one of our newest cast members, Victoria, and though she was merely on the wait staff tonight, I wanted to post it here without any retouching because it presents such a demonic countenance, which is actually at odds with Victoria’s normal good nature.

Me as caterer Vinnie Black. This photo is noteworthy for a couple of reasons. I hadn’t played Vinnie in about a month before tonight, but since Chris debuted as Father Mark last week, we once again have the option of putting me into either role. The other thing I like about this photo is that it came out as well as it did even though it wasn’t a posed shot – CC snapped this during Vinnie’s second monologue. My Vinnie tends to move around a lot, so it has proven difficult over the years to get a decent picture of me during the show without having me pose.


actuary67 at 2007-03-31 23:52 (UTC) (Link)
Great shots -- I hope to be able to catch Tony n' Tina's Wedding the next time I visit my sister (meryddian) in Chicago!

I never have attended one of these shows, but they look like lots of fun !
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