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Something's Burning . . .

. . . I think it's that wood-burning brain of mine. As you may know, I wrote a couple of one act plays earlier this year (my first!), which were given readings by real live actors as part of a play festival here in Chicago. I have come to regard that whole experience as a sort of play writing class, and those plays were my class projects. Because frankly, those two plays are both profoundly flawed and I seriously doubt that I will do any further writing with either of them. But that's okay; I learned a lot by taking part in the process. I feel like I'm ready to write another play, and hopefully I can find entirely new mistakes to make this time around.

And that's what I mean by the title of this posting. There's been an idea taking shape in my head for some time now. In the last week or so, it has begun to sprout specific characters and plot points. It's time to start putting something on paper - or on screen, anyway. I'm happy to find myself thinking this way. I've spent too much of my life letting these creative ideas slip away, and it feels good to be breathing life into them. There are four people who have contributed mightily to the fact that I'm at this point. They are, in no particular order: FP, CL, and CC, for their inspiration (even if they don't mean to inspire, they do anyway, just by being who they are and following their own dreams). The fourth person who gets credit here is, well, me, because I'm the one who has to actually pull the switch.

So if by chance my postings to this journal should become a little less frequent in the weeks to come, be assured that my keyboard will not be cooling off any time soon.

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