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Does Your Snapple Taste Different Lately?

Posted on 2007.04.03 at 23:03
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I wasn’t planning on making a post tonight, but a story I read just changed my mind. Seems that the Quizno’s sub shop on Adams near Wabash – about 4 blocks from where I work – had a lunchtime visitor today. It was the coyote you see to the left. They had the door propped open because of the warm weather, and our canine friend walked in and had a seat in the beverage cooler. As you might imagine, the place emptied out pretty quickly, though it was about 40 minutes before the folks from Animal Control showed up. Witnesses report that the coyote, who has since been named Adrian by the way, never growled or made any noise. All the same, people apparently just didn’t feel quite right about sharing their lunch breaks, or their lunches for that matter, with Adrian.

In case you’re wondering, Adrian will be relocated to the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehab Center out in the suburbs later this week.

In other news, I had one of the great dinners I will have this year tonight. It was at Copperblue, one of Chicago’s truly great restaurants. I was there with four lovely people, one of whom treated the group to a large portion of the evening’s expenses. I’ve already thanked everyone concerned personally, so I won’t lather on any more thanks here, but I can’t recommend the place highly enough if you’re looking for a restaurant that has it all – uniquely wonderful food, wine list, service, atmosphere. It’s at a premium price, to be sure, and it’s not someplace I’ll be dining at every week, but for a special occasion (heck, for no occasion at all) you really couldn’t do better! I had The Best Snails I’ve Ever Had tonight as my appetizer, followed by The Best Snapper I’ve Ever Had as my entrée. I won’t go into much detail about method of preparation – your taste buds will not ask you for that information; they will only thank you for treating them right.


eagleeye113 at 2007-04-04 13:17 (UTC) (Link)


I just finished reading the article on the net about the coyote, and thought of you as I always do when it concerns Chicago, so I popped over to your blog and voila! We have a group of coyotes that roam the field behind our house - seems their diet consists of mice, chipmunks, rabbits and cats - all of which can be found in the field. I don't mind the coyotes too much, as long as they stay in their space. If we ever get another cat, you can be sure it will stay in the house this time! On the bright side, we didn't get a mouse in the house this winter for the first time ever! Coincidence? We'll never know!
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