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Great Grandmas

I want to acknowledge a changing of the guard in the Tony n’ Tina universe. For the past 3 months, my roommate CC has been filling in as Tony’s Grandma Nunzio while Mildred has been spending the winter in Florida. Well, Mildred is due back this week, so tonight marked CC’s last show for the foreseeable future. That’s OK with her, by the way, as her teaching job resumes this week. A couple of photos –

I don’t have any good photos of Mildred as Nona that were actually taken during the show, but this is her in the dressing room standing next to CC, who was part of the wait staff that night. CC was still in costume and very much in character in this photo! Mildred is about 85 now if I remember correctly and she brings an authenticity to the role that can’t be replaced.

This is CC as Nona. This was taken during the show as she was toasting the bride & groom. CC does a terrific job, though as these two photos suggest, she requires a good deal more makeup and prep time than Mildred does!

There is little doubt that we will see CC back there someday soon, when somebody calls in sick or has a day off, so the cast did not really say goodbye tonight but merely, “Until we meet again!”

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