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Loss of Another Giant

Posted on 2007.04.15 at 00:12
Current Mood: sillysilly
Current Music: Dry Your Eyes - Neil Diamond
Something very strange is going on here. Perhaps even something sinister. Within a few days’ time, we have lost both Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and now, Mr. Tiny Bubbles himself, Don Ho. Coincidence, or conspiracy? You decide. A few random observations…

First of all, why do I refer to Don Ho as “another giant”? Think about it. What is always the first word out of the Jolly Green Giant’s mouth? (hint: he sings it 3 times in rapid succession) This is clearly a barely disguised homage to the late Hawaiian troubadour himself.

Next, I decided to find a photo of him to accompany this article and came up with the one you see to the left. It shocked me as much as I’m sure it shocked you to see this and realize that Ho wasn’t at all nappy-headed! To read the papers this week, you’d assume he was, but no. And now he turns up dead. I still don’t know what it all means, but it all has the odor or rotting mahi-mahi about it.

Finally, just to lighten up this rather mournful posting, I’m reminded of the observation made by some comic in the 1980s: If Bo Derek married Don Ho, she’d be Bo Ho. Yeah I know – it’s a pretty sorry, disreputable little joke, but it’s all I’ve got. You may, of course, choose your own method of marking Mr. Ho’s passing.

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