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Belated Valentine

Posted on 2007.04.26 at 01:34
Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: Calendar Girl - Neil Sedaka

I came across this tonight. I’d quite forgotten about it – came across it while looking for something else. It’s a valentine hand-crafted by yours truly and sent to my mother when I was in kindergarten. I have posted this copy at slightly smaller than original size. Yeah, I know it looks really professional and store-bought, but no, that’s actually my handiwork. The date was dutifully recorded by Mom on the back of the card in her precise penmanship. My coloring skills are moderately better now than they were then, but the sentiment remains unchanged. We will mark the second anniversary of her passing in a few weeks, and I thought this ought to be displayed. I didn’t want to wait until the anniversary date to post it, because I’d rather occupy my time on that day with something fun, something creative. I think that will make for a far more fitting memorial.


dummylady at 2007-04-26 13:28 (UTC) (Link)

What a treaure!

Most of my childhood memories burned up in our family home when I was 15 years old. But once in a while someone like an aunt sends me something of my childhood and it is such fun. I imagine that your mother would feel joy knowing that you kept her valentine.
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