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My Landlady – Mother Nature?

Posted on 2007.05.02 at 00:02
Current Mood: dorky
Current Music: Poisoning Pigeons in the Park - Tom Lehrer
I don’t pretend to know how the world works. Seemingly disparate, unrelated facts often turn out to be connected on a profound level. So I don’t like to rule out possibilities too cavalierly. Take the following two sets of circumstances for example:

I took a long walk after work tonight; made it up to Belmont before I packed it in and got on the bus. I was starting to feel a little chilly, actually. Even though the calendar says it’s May 1st, I found myself thinking that the weather is still a tad cooler than it ought to be.

Meanwhile, back at the apartment, my landlady has been busily fixing up the unit across the hall from mine, preparing it for a new tenant moving in this week. Toward that end, she has removed the mechanism that causes the front door to close automatically.

So as I was inserting my key into the front door on this chilly evening, I suddenly stopped as I read the neatly lettered sign posted at eye level on the door. The exact wording reads as follows: “Spring Has Been Temporarily Disconnected.”

All I can say is, this explains a lot!

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