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I suppose if I really had my act together, I’d have written about this a week ago, but I’m going to be positive and adopt a ‘better late than never’ attitude – here in Chicago, we are currently experiencing a little spectacle called Looptopia. In fact, it is taking place as I type these words late on Friday night. Allow me to quote from the event’s website:

“What is LOOPTOPIA? Premiering May 11, LOOPTOPIA will be America’s first dusk-to-dawn cultural and artistic spectacle showcasing the vibrancy and excitement of Chicago’s historic Loop neighborhood through musical and theatrical performances, unique shopping and dining opportunities, indoor programs, outdoor exhibitions, architectural tours, artistic installations and mesmerizing light displays.”

Now frankly, I might have been only dimly aware of Looptopia were it not for the fact that our friend meryddian is exhibiting her photography as a part of the event!

If you haven’t had the good fortune to make her acquaintance, let me sum her up this way: She’s a terrific photographer and a better person. She has other noteworthy talents, but if you know her, you’re already aware of that, and if you don’t know her, I could hardly blame you if you didn’t care to hear more, so I’ll move on —

Here’s a photo I took of Mery’s Looptopia exhibit. It’s installed in a display window of the Sears store at State and Madison.

As you can see, there’s not much point in trying to photograph such an exhibit, other than attempting to give a general feel for it, but I had to give it a shot! Here’s her window from a wider angle, to give you a sense of its physical context. High foot traffic area; pretty nice spot!

Most of Looptopia will probably have ended by the time you read this, but I still must offer congratulations to Mery on ascending this platform from which to share her talent with a wider world!

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