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Bright lights, pretty girls, snappy music

So tonight I went to the fashion show that I wrote about yesterday. It was a lot of fun! I saw some sights, met some fun people, and took dozens of photos, though as I suspected, very few are fit for public viewing – very difficult conditions for photography. I’ve picked out a few, though (they may take a minute to load), and if you’d like to see them and read all about the show,

The show took place in the Great Hall at Union Station. I wanted to try to convey the enormity of the space here. The venue was well chosen. The sound and lighting were very good, although I should talk about the music for a moment. As you might expect, the music was heavily rhythmic latter-day disco style, verging occasionally towards hip-hop, but one selection really caught my ear. It was a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” sung by what sounded like two men in high falsetto, backed by keyboards and electronic rhythm, all to the same throbbing disco beat. My brain never quite caught up with that one.

This was probably the best model shot I took all night. They actually stopped moving for a moment, allowing me to focus on them and deal with my camera’s interminable 2-second delay between hitting the button and taking the picture. There’s one model I wish I had a decent photo of, but I don’t. She was noteworthy because of her startling resemblance to Paris Hilton. It seemed quite plausible to me that she was intentionally going after Ms. Hilton’s look. The biggest difference between them was that this woman was actually gorgeous, unlike that skinny rich skank so adored by the gods and disciples of pop culture. Put it this way – this model looked the way Paris thinks she looks!

Whew! Could I BE any more catty? If this is the effect fashion shows have on me, I should probably go to a hockey game real soon, just to even things out.

You’re looking at military uniforms that have been cut up and reassembled into fashionable women’s wear. The woman who designed these is a student of CC’s, and CC was very proud to see these creations chosen for the runway.

I’m aware this isn’t a very good photo, but I just wanted to remind everyone that no serious fashion show can be complete without some bat-shit crazy designs strutting down the runway. This was actually nowhere near the weirdest piece on display, but I failed to capture a usable photo of the male model whose misshapen outfit looked to be covered with large cotton balls and made him look like an abstraction of a sheep.

There were also a select few hats on display. That’s CC in the midst of them. She teaches millinery at IADT and closely advised the students who made these hats.

One more shot of CC. After the show, I asked her to lean out onto the runway for a photo. So much of the work on display owed a debt of gratitude to her guidance, so I thought it only appropriate that she come into contact with that runway!

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