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You’ve read the blog; now meet the person!

Last Friday, a coworker idly asked whether I had any plans for the weekend. “Yes I do,” I replied, “I’m going to be meeting for the first time someone I know from the Internet.”

My coworker’s voice dropped an octave as she said, “Oh Chuck,” and then paused. “Please don’t tell me you’re doing that!”

Oh! The conclusions some people will jump to! I explained that she and I have been reading each other’s blogs for a long time; she’s going to be in Chicago for a day with friends and we couldn’t pass up this opportunity. After that explanation, my coworker claimed to understand, though she still gave me a wary glance.

So Katie and I did indeed meet today. We took in the Sunday brunch at Stanley’s Kitchen & Tap on North Lincoln Avenue. It’s merely the best Sunday brunch I’ve come across in Chicago. While my superficial reason for taking Katie there was to show her the best this city has to offer, my deeper reason was that it gave me an excuse to dine there myself.

I don’t remember precisely how she and I began reading each other’s writings, but it seems to me that I saw a posting of hers that I liked, possibly on grammargasm, so I wrote and told her so. As I later learned, she lives in Detroit, where I was born and raised, and she graduated from Wayne State University, where I’ve spent a whole lot of time, some of it productive. Today, though, I learned that we have a few other connections: it seems that her parents both attended St. Ignatius grade school in Detroit (same as me, though some years earlier) and that one of her parents grew up on Camden Street (same as me and the source of my LJ name). In the immortal words of Steven Wright – it’s a small world but I wouldn’t want to paint it!

So after dining at Stanley’s, we had an enjoyable few hours strolling around the Loop and Millennium Park before she had to get on the bus back to Detroit. She’s about to move to a small town in Pennsylvania and start a new job, so there’s some question as to whether or when we might see each other again, all of which made today even more special. Thank you again Katie! Good luck on your new adventure, and I’m simply delighted that we got to meet! See you in the blogosphere!

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