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I suppose you could have used that title to refer to the house in which I grew up – 8 kids in 10 years, don’tcha know. But I’m actually referring to today’s date, June 1st. It’s the birthday of quite a distinguished list of people: Nina, one of my dearest friends from back in Michigan; Pete W., with whom I’ve worked for almost 5 years in TnT; David D., an actor friend from Michigan and one of the most incisively witty people I’ve ever known; and CC, who needs no introduction! I’ve already passed along birthday wishes to CC and Nina, and I expect to see Pete tonight. I don’t have a phone number or email address for David though, so he will have to soldier on without my good wishes to sustain him.

It’s quite the statistical quirk, that I know so many people born on this day, but there it is. Who knows, maybe there are even more of you reading this who also share their birthday. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

So to the four of them, and to all the rest of you June 1st babies, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

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