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The Mildred Project picks up steam

As I mentioned recently, Mildred Lombardi, who has just left the cast of Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding and is about to move back to Massachusetts, has let me borrow her photo albums and is allowing me to scan them and set up an on-line archive/photo album. I wanted to give you a little taste of it here – this is a relatively low-res, slightly cropped version of Mildred and her late husband Primo (yes that was his real name!) on their wedding day in 1957.

I’m still mulling over the details about how best to display these photos on-line, and I’m open to suggestions. I’ll be sitting down with Mildred in the next week or so to get details and captions for these images, many of which were scanned from very fragile old photos dating from the early 1920s. It breaks both Mildred’s heart and my own that she has almost no photos from her time serving as an Army nurse in Europe during World War II. Other than a few grainy, second-generation copies, those photos have disappeared and are believed to no longer exist – I won’t get into the sad details of how that came to pass.

I mentioned above that the image to the left has been scaled down and cropped for display here, but that will not generally be my approach in putting together this album. Since it is an archive, I figure it is incumbent upon me to leave these shots mostly uncropped. I will, however, do some Photoshopping of selected images that have faded or otherwise deteriorated so badly that they would be difficult to display on-screen without some enhancement.

I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to put this all together, but I will be posting information both here and on MySpace when it’s ready to launch. I know that a lot of the regular visitors to this journal have either worked with Mildred or have seen her perform, so I hope I can do some justice to Mildred’s wonderful legacy!

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