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No fleas on my nephew

I will begin by citing the shortest poem on record:

by Ogden Nash
had ’em.

Well that’s not what Adam had this week. I’m speaking of my nephew Adam, and he had himself a good old time this past weekend graduating from Northwestern University. The campus is in Evanston, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, and a whole bunch of family came in from Michigan to help celebrate. Let’s start with this group:

Left to right, that’s Adam, his aunt Beverly (my sister), his uncle Chuck (me), his uncle Frank (my brother), and his mother (my sister Ellen).

Shown here are Ellen’s son Mario, Beverly, Ellen’s daughter Emilie, Ellen, Adam, Adam’s paternal grandfather Conrad, and Frank.

Adam’s father Ed is at the far right here. Adam was the only child Ed and Ellen had together, but they have both had additional children by their second spouses. The rest of the group from left to right: Ed’s son Jake, daughter Bethany, wife Sue, Adam, and Conrad.

If most of these folks are strangers to you, your head is probably spinning right now trying to figure out how this human jigsaw puzzle fits together. Just remember, in these three photos we’re pretty well segregated by Ellen’s side or Ed’s side of the family, with Adam being the bridge between the two. The only exception here is Conrad, who I’m guessing just loves to have his picture taken.

I hadn’t seen some of these people in a very long time so it was really good to sit down with them which, incidentally, we did at Le Peep in Evanston, which serves a terrific breakfast (I try not to let a good meal go unnoted or uncredited!). It was also appropriate that I was able to see the gang since I’m the one who introduced Ed and Ellen to one another. I’m still waiting for Adam to express his gratitude to me for doing him this little favor, by the way. Adam is off to New York now to seek his fortune, and though his successes will always delight us, they will never surprise us!

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