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Patients’ Progress

Posted on 2007.06.24 at 00:09
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: All Is Well - Chicago
Here’s the latest: Both CC and FP had their surgeries. Things are progressing well for both of them. CC was discharged Saturday morning and is home now, resting uncomfortably, as expected. FP, as of this writing, is still in the hospital, also as expected, but she should be home in a day or two.

I will be leaving town for a couple of days. I’m walking out of my apartment early Sunday morning and heading to the home base for Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. We’re doing two shows on Sunday and one on Monday night, all at Harrah’s Casino in Joliet. I’ll be staying in Joliet Sunday night and returning to Chicago late Monday night, so you probably won’t hear anything from me in this journal until Tuesday. CC has someone who’ll be coming by to help her, and I’ll be in phone contact, so we’re not foreseeing any problems in that area.

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