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Doing Time in Joliet

First things first: my friends CC and FP are both home from their respective hospitals and are both on the mend. They thank all who have inquired and passed on good wishes. Now on to my own mundane life:

I just got back from doing 3 performances of Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding at Harrah’s Casino in scenic Joliet, Illinois. It was a pretty sweet gig – all of our meals were comped, the hotel rooms were very nice, and the casino and hotel staffs were simply the most friendly and helpful such folk I’ve ever encountered. After our final performance Monday night, they even set out a going-away meal for the entire company, laying out a lovely covered plate for each of us!

Being in Joliet over the weekend did, however, mean that I would have to miss Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade. There is always a presence there from TnT, so this was the first time in five years that I wasn’t Father Mark at that event. A group of TnT folks who didn’t come to Joliet did march in the parade, though, so TnT was still in the parade, just without me.

But I’m not complaining – the Pride Parade is the most fun parade I’ve ever been in, but I was delighted to be at Harrah’s, and I’d happily go back in a second, which actually could happen. Our reception there was overwhelmingly positive. All of our shows were at or near capacity attendance, and the folks at Harrah’s have expressed a desire to have us back there, so we’ll see.

Well, we have to begin with the two people that our show is all about. That’s the radiant Jeannie G. and the dapper Matt B.

Another shot of Jeannie G. as Tina – because you just can’t have too much of her! Note the stylish red bracelet on her left wrist – we all had to wear those during the show in order to have unimpeded movement within the hotel/casino area. It looked rather out of place on my wrist, but Jeannie can pull off that look.

Matt again as Tony, with Joe M. as tough-guy groomsman Dominic Fabrizzi.

Let’s not forget the hard-working and lovely (though camera-averse) Margo, who made sure we all had costumes and took care of 101 little things that enabled the show to proceed smoothly.

Joe G. as Tina’s Uncle Lui and Jonathon P. as photographer Sal Antonucci. Between the two of them, that’s a lot of talent to fit into one photo!

Cheyenne as Maddie and Peter B. as Tony’s father, Anthony Angelo Nunzio Sr. That carpeting you see beneath their feet began to make me hungry when I realized that it looked as if the floor was covered with Cinnamon Pinwheels.

Marco T. as Tina’s ex-boyfriend Michael, who crashes the wedding. Marco left the show a while back, and we were delighted to have him back for the Joliet shows. He’s a keeper. Good guy, even better actor.

That’s Mike L. on the right as DJ Monty, and Joel E. on the left as DJ Carlo (Get it? Monty… Carlo. Hey, I didn’t write it!).

Jaclyn M. as Bridesmaid Donna Marsala. Another TnT alum who graced us with her presence and talent in Joliet.

Like I said, it’s a wonderful facility with a great staff. As for the view out of my hotel room window… well, I don’t suppose too many people come to casinos for the views anyway!

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