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A Feast of Fooles & Fine Festive Frolic at the Faire – an F’ing Great Time!

As I was saying, I went up to the Bristol Renaissance Faire on Sunday. I caught a ride with meryddian, who spent part of her day as a participant, cooking up a storm for an official Faire cook-off (more on that later). Since these photos will take a while to load for some of you, I’ll give you the option of having them display, so…

This is my attempt to show you something that is very hard to capture in a little two-dimensional rectangle. Beyond all the individual wonderful things at the Faire, I want you to see that it is taking place in a wonderful environment. The trees, the sky, the people, the rolling grounds – they are a vital part of the Faire experience.

Music is an important and nearly omnipresent element there. I only caught the final song of this trio’s set, but they were excellent.

I love this photo. It’s the combination of angles, colors, and the high contrasts brought on by the late afternoon light. For me, they create a wonderful mood here.

To paraphrase Monty Python, “She must be the Queen!”

Was there a petting zoo? You bet your ass there was! This little girl was laughing so hard, she couldn’t control herself to properly feed the fellow on the right.

That’s my left hand getting slimed while my right hand is struggling to control the camera.

Another shot I really like. This is the very pot that Mery was cooking in. When she stepped away, I saw this incredible light illuminating it and I snapped quickly. This shot was taken with Mery’s camera, a Canon PowerShot S3 IS. Let me not mince words – that camera kicks ass. It picks its teeth with cameras like my Samsung Digimax S500.

Another shot taken with Mery’s camera. If you’re thinking that this guy looks like Sir Walter Raleigh, there’s a reason – he IS Sir Walter Raleigh. I have to say he was the most splendidly displayed fellow I saw there all day.

Why is this photo here? Well, food is another essential part of one’s day at the Faire, and these cheese fritters, these Fried Heart Attacks With Dipping Sauce, are as good as it gets!

It seems only appropriate that I should post a photo of the Spider Lady here on the Web. She is one of a group of characters called the Fantastikals. They are faeries. They do not speak, and they will barely interact with others, if at all. I did see one having a staring contest with a girl who was about a year old. Beyond that, one is lucky if a Fantastikal will so much as make eye contact. They are one of the most intensely atmospheric elements of the entire Faire.

Another Fantastikal, almost making eye contact.

Yet another Fantastikal.

Yep, that’s another one.

Not a Fantastikal, in case you were wondering. This woman is in the process of spinning flax. I had a very nice chat with her and ended up buying a couple skeins of hand-spun wool as a gift for CC.

This posting would not be complete without Jane the Foole. She has got a spark about her that has delighted me on every visit I’ve made to Bristol. This time around, I even got to chat with her for about 10 minutes. We spent most of it telling each other jokes – after all, she is a Foole. As for me, I must struggle on without that silent ‘e’.

I gave a nod earlier in this posting to the splendidly arrayed Sir Walter, so I thought I should give equal time to the ladies. And believe me, fellas, as good as this one is, there are some I didn’t photograph who are even better!
The Bristol Renaissance Faire runs through Labor Day. If this doesn’t make you run up there, I don’t know what will!

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