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Frankie Avalon has left the building!

Frankie Week is over for another year. Our final show took place on Sunday night. All we have left now are the memories, bruises, and hangovers. I took a lot of photos last night, both during the show and afterward, when we went across the street to Wells on Wells to kick back. They recently opened a back patio there and we pretty much took it over. In the spirit of being a good and loyal cast member, I have tried mightily in the photos that follow to crop out inadvertent belly buttons, creeping underwear, and other unflattering objects, so if you see something you don’t like, I hereby absolve myself of any blame!
Hmmm… maybe I should publish a second post, just showing what I cropped out!

TnT had a live band for the first 11 years of its run, but it was replaced by a DJ 3 years ago. For Frankie Week, though, the band comes back. All of them are veterans of many hundreds (or thousands) of performances. Shown here are Nate on bass, Dez on keyboard, Mike on guitar, and Patrick as lead singer Donny Dolce (of Donny Dolce and Fusion). Hiding in the back, unseen here, is the rock-solid Carlos on drums.

One of our newer cast members, Erin L., next to Chris K. FYI, Chris & I are the two Father Marks in the current cast.

We bid a fond farewell to several people at the end of Frankie Week. This is me with our departing costumer Margo. If it looks as if we’re very fond of one another – that ain’t acting!

One of our smallest cast members, Hollis R., next to the largest, Teddy R. Teddy is also leaving the show, and it will be no small task filling his shoes. Or his tux. All kidding aside, my very best wishes go out to Teddy!

Yet another departing cast member, Jeannie G., next to Cheryl S. It must be said that Jeannie went out in a blaze of glory, playing Tina for every show during Frankie Week. Best wishes to her as well!

Paul L. as Tina’s brother Joey Vitale and Matt S. and Joey’s very dear friend Rick James DeMarco. As you might infer, Rick is also Tony and Tina’s videographer for the evening. Matt left the show a couple years ago and returned just for Sunday’s show. He is a funny man and a unique presence and we were delighted to have him back!

Kelley A., Todd M., and Joe M. Todd and Joe are shown here helping Kelley get a head start on celebrating her birthday, which began at midnight (and which Kelley helpfully reminded us about every few minutes).

Lucas G. and Jonathan P. are shown here. Lucas is hardly ever seen during the show, but he is one of the most important people there, because he runs the kitchen! Jonathan is seen here as photographer Sal Antonucci. Though Jon has been with the show for several years, the wig was only added a few months ago, though it has quickly become the centerpiece of his performance!

This is actually the only picture I took of Frankie this year! Nothing personal, mind you. It’s just that I’ve photographed him before, and it’s hard to get a good photo of him in our stage light. As you have no doubt already perceived, this photo sucks – Frankie is out of focus and is mostly blocked by that big galoot standing in front of him. Well, that big galoot was actually the reason I took the picture. That’s Vinnie L. as tough-guy groomsman Dominic Fabrizzi. The actor playing Dominic stands right there and keeps an eye on the audience while Frankie is singing his rock n’ roll medley. I’m still trying to think of a succinct caption for this shot, so please feel free to send in your suggestions. How about, “Behind every successful actor, there’s a short Italian guy singing ‘Beauty School Dropout’”?

Matt B. as Jimmy Potatoes, Jen as Mr. Nunzio’s date for the evening, Madeleine Monroe, and Pete W. as Tony’s dad, Mr. Nunzio. If you’ve seen the show but don’t remember Jimmy Potatoes, it’s because he is only in the show during Frankie Week. Jimmy’s actual last name is never revealed; he picked up the nickname Potatoes because he’s “the only Italian in Idaho.”

That’s Frankie’s longtime musical director, Ray Kinetski. I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember his friend’s name – I had a very nice conversation with her about a book called Made in Detroit that she earnestly recommended to me.

Never mind that priest dude on the right – there’s always room for one more picture of the lovely Jeannie as we say goodbye to her. And with that, we likewise bid farewell to another Frankie Week!

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