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So Maybe There’s More Than One Correct Answer

Posted on 2007.07.31 at 00:14
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There’s a puzzle next to the comics in the Sun-Times called “Stickelers” authored by one Terry Stickels. The puzzles vary greatly in style and difficulty from day to day. Sometimes it’s a logic problem, sometimes math, sometimes linguistics, sometimes spatial relationships, etc.

A recurring type seen there is what Stickels calls “squeezer” puzzles. Here’s how they work: You have to find the one word that forms the end of one compound word and the beginning of another. For example, if the puzzle is
some _ _ _ _ piece
– then we’re looking for a four-letter word to put in there that forms two separate words. OK, time’s up – the missing word in this case is “time.”

The other day, a squeezer puzzle appeared that read like this:
safe _ _ _ _ _ house
I read the answer in today’s paper. The missing word, according to Stickels, was “guard” and I promptly burst out laughing as I read it. For when I had solved the puzzle the other day, I had written in the word “crack.”

I guess my urban roots are showing!

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