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A pause to take a breath and crack my knuckles

Posted on 2007.08.05 at 23:31
Current Mood: fullfull
Current Music: If You Know What I Mean - Neil Diamond
This week marks the second anniversary of this online journal. I’ve just taken some time to look backward at what I’ve written here, and I have to say that doing so made me very happy.

I had never kept a regular journal before this came along. There were a few abortive attempts along the way, but they never lasted for more than a few entries. They were invariably prompted by momentous events in the world or in my life. One was in the early 1990s on the eve of Operation Desert Storm (ask your parents). Another was back in the 70s, when some family upheaval that seemed terribly important at the time compelled me to record those events, and my related thoughts, on paper.

All through those years, though, I quietly wished and searched for a way to get myself to write more. It’s a hobby that has given me a lot of pleasure since childhood, and it has even at times been a trade that has made me a little walking-around money. Thanks, as always, go to the wonderful meryddian for introducing me to LiveJournal.

I also want to thank you. Yes, you, the person reading these words! I haven’t done a whole lot to get the word out about this journal to try to build a readership, so I’m greatly appreciative to all of you who come by to audit these outcroppings of my grey matter. The truth of the matter is this – even though my primary purpose here is not to entertain necessarily, the fact is that I am a performer; I am an entertainer. And whether I think about it or not, I’m trying to give my audience something of value in exchange for their gift of paying attention to me. So to all of you, whether you are people I see all the time, relatives, distant friends, or people I only know through our respective LJs – I thank you most sincerely. I will trust you to linger here at your own discretion (or risk), make yourself at home, raid the pantry to your heart’s content, and let yourself out when you need to go. Come back anytime!

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